Nadege Nicoll

Books in business

In a very active job market, where offers are plenty and workers in short supply, attrition can be a major headache, and a serious cost. From training new employees, only to see them leave a few months later, to scouting the market for talents, recruiting almost feels like solving an impossible equation: how to stay […]

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Educate to save

In April, we celebrate Earth Day. 24 hours during which, we focus on our planet, its needs, and the horrendous things we are doing to it. But what is this day for, really, if not an opportunity to commit ourselves to learn more? Learning leads to awareness. Awareness brings action. If the past twenty years

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Big Book Fest

There are many reasons to decide on what book to pick from a shelf.  Sometimes the plot sounds amazing. Others, the topic is close to home, or it’s something we want to learn about. Sometimes, the cover is too striking to ignore – yes, it’s okay to judge a book by its cover. Or we

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Where the women are

March is a good time to highlight that a big chunk of history still needs to be written – the part where women are heroes, whose accomplishments are on par with men’s, but stories were never told. Until now, that is! Enter Marie Benedict, Kate Moore, and other authors, who are pulling women stories from

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