Books in business

In a very active job market, where offers are plenty and workers in short supply, attrition can be a major headache, and a serious cost. From training new employees, only to see them leave a few months later, to scouting the market for talents, recruiting almost feels like solving an impossible equation: how to stay on top of my work when I need 10, 20, 30% more hands and heads to function? So focusing on retaining who you have is more important than ever.

To that end, you might find that book programs could make a big difference. The key word is “curation”. Take a look at three innovative ideas below, that are simple, yet personal and unique:

1. Gift curated books to your workers for milestones – whether a promotion, celebrating  years of employment, a birthday, a baby, etc. When people receive a thoughtful present, tailored just for them, they feel valued – probably because they are!

2. Organize a company book group. I can’t say enough about the incredibly positive social aspects of book clubs: it provides a safe environment to discuss a wide array of topics, allows people to get perspective, and share theirs, and is a great learning opportunity. It is by essence inclusive and welcoming.

3. Make space for a small bookshelf in your office. Feature some books that reflect your workers’ interests, the socio-economic values that your company stands for. Sprinkle with some exceptional gems for all to discover, et voila!  

These small investments can reinforce a sense of belonging and community.

If you are interested in developing a milestone gift program, regular book discussions for your company, or create a bookshelf in your office, The Book House is the place to turn to. As the owner, I dedicate countless hours looking for hidden gems. I research titles based on customers’ interests, demographics, and personal tastes, while encouraging them to step out of their reading comfort zone. I have a list of incredible reads, a lot of them are “under the radar”, but simply amazing. Exceptional books, to go with exceptional people.

If you want to discuss how to create a one of a kind program, show your employee you care, and value their individuality, contact The Book House, and lets get started.


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