I Like eerie books and i cannot lie

It’s not that I like horror – although, give me a Stephen King book and I’ll sit in a corner, quite content – but I enjoy eerie books. The recipe for perfection in this favorite genre of mine is:

Character relationships that make me cringe

At least one nasty protagonist – but the more, the merrier

No happy ending – nonononono!

The inability to put the book down before the very last page

So. . . Having set the scene, here are some of my top favorite books, that tick all of the above requirements.

Nutshell by Ian Mc Ewan – grabs you on the first page, doesn’t let go until the last. This book is a long time favorite of mine, but it comes with a warning: be prepared, it’s gonna stay with you!

The Push by Ashley Audrain – you won’t know until the last chapter, whether she is mad, or dead-on-point. Once you know (I am not gonna tell you), you will keep replaying the story, trying to narrow down the point where it might have been obvious . . . or maybe not! It’s the book that keeps on reading itself, in your head!

The Fishermen by Ghigozie Obioma – More of a quiet eeriness, but eeriness nonetheless! And forget happy endings! This will make you want to jump in the book, and try to interfere!

Good Neighbors by Sarah Langan – the eeriness here is to know that we are only one sinkhole away from turning against one another. Very uncomfortable, addictive, and not so far-fetched.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russel – Definitely uncomfortable to read, this books exposes the vulnerability of a young girl, who is being groomed by her teacher, and the long term effects of this twisted relationship. Cringing, infuriating, and scary! Although the author clarifies that this is not based on her true story, she did an incredible job at bringing the reader inside Vanessa’s head.

So here you are. If you are looking for intense reads, unusual stories, but still realistic, sometimes too realistic for comfort, you should definitely add these titles on your TBR pile.

Happy reading!