Where the women are

March is a good time to highlight that a big chunk of history still needs to be written – the part where women are heroes, whose accomplishments are on par with men’s, but stories were never told.

Until now, that is! Enter Marie Benedict, Kate Moore, and other authors, who are pulling women stories from the history basement, and bringing them into the spotlight. And you better be ready to be shocked, wowed, and humbled, by the amount that has been accomplished in complete silence, with a lot of sacrifice, suffering, and little to no recognition.

Marie Benedict finds women who contributed to history in a major way, but whose work remained in the shadow of their husband. Take your pick: Heidi Lamar, Clementine Churchill, Mileva Maric – otherwise known as Mrs Einstein, Rosalind Franklin. Or better, read them all!

Each of these books finally brings to the light the smart, genius of women, in a time where there couldn’t be such thing as a smart, genius woman.

Kate Moore – or how women used their hurt to change the world for the better. Whether you read “Radium Girls”, or “The Woman They Couldn’t Silence”, you won’t forget the resilience and determination of these exceptional beings, their suffering in the hands of men, the rise from their wounds, and fight until their last breadth.

Susan, Linda, Nina and Cokie – or the trailbalzers who blew open the doors of journalism and founded NPR. This group biography, written by Lisa Napoli, is a tribute to not taking “no”, or “can’t be done” at face value.

American Queenmaker – or “The most important woman you’ve never heard of”

This book by Julie Des Jardins, tells the story of Missy Meloney, who worked behind the scenes to give women a place in politics, and be recognized as a serious influential demographic.

These are just a few examples of the many women we need to pay tribute to, because they fought for us: for our well-being, for our rights, so that we can stand where we are now, without fear of being discounted, ignored, abused.

To the women who built / are building our world, to the ones who write their stories: thank you.