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New Membership Program-
How it works

Choose a membership level that is right for you. The amount you pay will become a store credit, to use throughout the year. Each level enjoys different perks, but all will bring you joy through literature. That’s got to be the most awesome club to belong to! One important component of this program, is the  Ambassador role you may play, in order to help spread the word about The Book House.

Gold Membership: $500

To put this amount in perspective, it's about 10 hardcovers and 10 picture books in a year

  • 10% discount on all books purchased with your membership
  • 15% discount on all pre-orders
  • Ambassador program: Refer a new member, and get 10% of their membership value as a store gift card

Silver Membership: $250

That's about a paperback a month

  • 5% discount on all books purchased with your membership
  • 10% discount on pre-orders
  • Ambassador program: Refer a new member, and get 10% of their membership value as a store gift card

Bronze Membership: $100

about 5 paperbacks or kids picture books in a year

  • 10% discount on pre-orders
  • Ambassador program: Refer a new member, and get 10% of their membership value as a store gift card
  • Not used all your credit by Dec 31st? Your balance will be turned into a store gift card. You lose the perks of the membership, but your money is still yours to spend at the store.
  • Memberships are designed so that whether you are purchasing one for yourself, or for the whole family, it is very easily used within the year. The idea is to create an incentive to buy your books from The Book House.
  • If you have any questions about the membership program,  read some of the FAQs below. Have more questions, contact us here

Thank you for being a community champion


Yes, you may. Your membership perks apply to most things in the store. The only exceptions are consignment items, which I will point out to you.  Example of consignment items are the jewelry, soap and candles.

A book is considered on pre-order when the publication date is two weeks or more after the time of order.

Whenever someone new contacts The Book House to purchase a membership, and mentions your name, you will get a store gift card worth 10% of their membership value. Say you get two new gold members to sign up, they enjoy the amazing experience of The Book House while you get $100 gift card . I’d say, that’s a sweet deal...

Yes, you do.

You may sign up for a new membership, and continue to enjoy the perks associated with each level. Or you may choose to shop regularly, ie pay for your purchase at the time you make them. In this case, there are no perks, other than visiting moi!

The balance is converted into a physical gift card to The Book House. You can use the card any time you want after Dec 31st, as gift cards don’t expire, but you lose the membership perks

No, and this is simply for ease of management from my end. If you wish to sign up mid year, I suggest you go for a lower membership. Or you may "go for gold" to enjoy great perks, and convert the balance into a gift card at the end of the year.

Yes, you can. But the gift cards will have no perks

Unfortunately no. Bookshop is managed by a separate company, so stores' special arrangements don’t work there – sorry

No, for the same reason as above - this is managed by a different company.

YES! But you need to let me know if you intend to use your membership on the website, as there is a little bit of work I need to do in the background to enable it.
Simply email me prior to making an online purchase, and I will take care of it.

Not unless you express the wish for me to do so.

No. Once you sign up for a year, your membership cannot be refunded. If you don’t use it by Dec 31st, it will be converted into a gift card. Gift cards are never refundable.  They also don’t expire.

If you move outside of a 10 mile radius from the store, and have a membership with a remaining balance, it will be refunded at the remaining face value  (ie without any added perks). Gift cards though are never refundable, regardless of whether you move.

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