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More than a bookstore, The Book House is a community hub, where your next read is waiting for you. Come and grab a coffee, flick through new pages, discuss your latest read, or simply enjoy the company of friends, in a cozy atmosphere.

In the downstair space, you will find original gifts and accessories, centered around the idea of reading and writing, greeting cards, and more books! This is also the place where you will discover local artists' talents on display. So if you are looking for a unique and meaningful present, this might just be the place to visit. . . 

Did you know?

The Book House is the name of a secret society in the TV series Twin Peaks.

A lot of what's in store is sourced from local people: the shelves, logo, art,  decor, yummy treats, to name a few. And you can buy most of what you see.

I have been asked many times if the hang out space will have a TV one day. No. It's a bookstore. 

There are over half a million books published every year in the US alone. Half a million! 

The store has close to 600 linear feet of shelf space, which is the length of 7 humpback whales. No animals were harmed during the measurement. 

Apparently, we only read about 12 books a year on average. Pfff!, whatever.  I think it's time to prove these studies wrong.

I'm an author myself, which has no relevance whatsoever, but just thought I'd mention it . . .

Join the Membership Program

Being a Book House member gives you some nice perks, such as:

  • Discounts off selected items. Regularly, I put the spotlight on a few titles, either because they're awesome, or from someone local (and awesome too!), or simply because I love them. It's a dynamic list that keeps changing.
  • A $10 coupon every time you spend $100
  • An out-of-this world monthly newsletter, with all the latest events, ideas, and thoughts.

You can apply at your next visit. Or if you can't wait that long, click on the link below and I'll enroll you.


More Than A Book Store

The Book House features the latest releases, popular series and personal picks for you and your kids to enjoy. I wish I was able to handpick every single book, but I am as close to it as humanly possible, researching hundreds of titles that suit my community's interests.  

While you visit the site, check out the event calendar. The roster has informative, fun gatherings geared toward our community needs and wants.

I hope you will feel right at home at The Book House, lose yourself in a good read, and forget about time for a few chapters. 

The Book House puts titles on your radar that Artificial Intelligence or algorithm won't. Coz they don't read! Take a peek at a few of my recommendations